Welcome to the HTA Glossary!

The purpose of the HTA Glossary is to give the Health Technology Assessment (HTA) community – both producers and users of health technology assessment information – a common vocabulary for work in this field.

The HTA glossary is an official collaboration between International Network of Agencies for Health Technology Assessment (INAHTA), Health Technology Assessment international (HTAi) and other partner organizations.

The English version of the HTA Glossary is coordinated by Adelaide Health Technology Assessment (AHTA), the Spanish version by the Galician Agency for Health Technology Assessment (AVALIA-T), and the Russian version by the Center for Healthcare Quality Assessment and Control (FGBU).

An International Steering Committee coordinates the development of the HTA glossary, including the development of the website. The committee ensures the coherence between the different language editions and decides on the inclusion of additional languages. Decisions of the committee are consensual. Conflicting issues are referred to the boards of HTAi and INAHTA. Terms of Reference International Steering Committee

The English version of the HTA Glossary serves as a reference for other languages (i.e., new terms must first be added to the English version before being integrated in the HTA glossary. Exceptions may be granted by the International Steering Committee). Terms of reference English Editorial Board