About the English version

At the request of the INAHTA member agencies, Dr Karen Facey, under the direction of Dr Finn Børlum Kristensen and the INAHTA Education and Training Working Group, kindly volunteered to compile a list of standard definitions of terms used in the field of health technology assessment (HTA). Under the leadership of Elaine Alligood, the Chair of the HTAi Information Resources Group, HTAi has contributed to the glossary development

The basis of this draft glossary was reproduced with permission from Dr.Clifford Goodman’s guide HTA 101: introduction to health care technology assessment1 . Many entries have been created by selecting terms from existing glossaries of INAHTA member agencies as well as from terms and sources suggested by individuals working in the field of health technology assessment.

The effort of translating and adapting the glossary into other languages started with discussions at the 2006 INAHTA meeting in Adelaide. The current English version of the glossary serves as a reference for translation.

Since a glossary is never really a finished product, and additions and revisions are needed as HTA continues to evolve, the English Editorial Board will work in close collaboration with members of the Editorial Boards of the other languages to update the current English version of the glossary and standardizing its format using the applicable ISO Standards 10241 and 704.

Terms of reference English Editorial Board

1 Goodman, C.S. HTA 101: introduction to health care technology assessment. Bethesda, MD:National Library of Medicine. National Information Center on Health Services Research & Health Care Technology; 2004. Available:http://www.nlm.nih.gov/nichsr/hta101/ta101_c1.html(accessed 2011 January 4)