Roles and responsabilities of languages' administrators

Each Editorial boards assigns a person to be responsible of the logistics and the technical work for their language on the HTA Glossary. All languages' administrators share common roles and responsabilities:

  • Translate glossary terms from English to your language
  • Update terms in your language when a change has been made/approved by the English Editorial Board
  • Translate the user's guide
  • Create accounts for new users and assign them to the appropriate group (i.e. the Editorial Board's group you are in charge of).
  • Manage the workspace (perspective) of your Editorial Board
    • All pages in the perspective (directory, meetings etc.)
    • Menu/modules
    • File galleries
  • Keep up to date some public pages in your language
    • Home
    • About us

The user's guide and the administrator's guide should help you with these tasks. If you think some informations are missing or should be improved, please let the Technical Committee know.