administrator's guide

This page has been created to guide administrators through the process of adding a new language to the glossary and to give informations about the different formatting features and options of the wiki platform.

Before reading this section, please consult the user's guide to know about the basic and intermediate formatting features of the glossary.

Create a page as a translation of a existing wiki page

The HTA Glossary is available in many languages and pages have to be translated in all languages.
1. Create a new wiki page with the content in the new language ans save it.
2. Choose translate in the menu at the bottom. T
3. Choose the option attach or detach existing translation of this page.
4. In the search box, type the name of the page in English (or another language) and choose the appropriate page.
Once the new page is linked to English, it is automatically linked to all the other languages.

Make a new term visible in the list of terms

To be visible in the list of terms, a new term has to be categorised in a domain.
1. When editing a new page, choose the tab Categories
2. Choose the appropriate domain. You have to choose the same one that has been attributed in the other languages.
If you consider that the domain is not appropriate, please leave a comment and it will be analysed by the English Editorial Board.

Change the menu under the keyboard (menu visible by all users)

For the menu in French, make changes in the page menu_anon_fr
For the menu in English, make changes in the page menu_anon_en
For the menu in Spanish, make changes in the page menu_anon_es
For the menu in German, make changes in the page menu_anon_de

Change the links of the footer menu (Home, About us etc.)

Change the menu for administrators

Make changes in the page Menu

Change the menu and the modules of a workspace

Each Editorial Board has its work group that is visible by changing the perspective. There is a module for each, and to change the content:

Comité Éditorial Francophone
Comité Editorial Español
English Editorial Board
Deutschsprachige Chefredaktion

Add a new user

1. In the application menu, choose Admin and Users
2. Choose Add a new user
3. Add the new user's information. Please use the syntax name.surname

Assign users to groups

1. In the application menu, choose Admin and Users
2. Choose Assign user to groups under the Actions column
3. Choose the appropriate group / groups